And unfortunately, yoga teeth in Vietnam ,teeth cause “unpleasant” If after restoration of the teeth, cover the teeth a little bit for the first 3-5 days, you do not need any impact on the teeth, after a certain time the teeth will fit in the cavity. mouth. After eating, use dental floss and mouthwash to remove plaque. Especially when eating chew should eat chewing gently to avoid chewing too hard or eat too hard to not impact too much force on porcelain teeth.  Once the acidity in the mouth appears high, the bacteria will increase the fertility and appear more. The lateral surface when the warranty and making of the station are made of hard gypsum with a metal net or it is here because it is on the joint rack, making a liner using long platinum paper and making up-top panties of the forced snake and Today’s lands people often use these to make aluminum patterns more robust starting.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Grafting gums causes of gum loss teeth

Causes of gum graft

In cases where the patient has a gingival drop and exposes the tooth to a large extent, the protruding teeth appear longer, causing aesthetic loss, especially in the frontal area. In the long run, gingival recession is also the cause of numbness, toothache or tooth decay. This condition can cause more serious complications such as weakened teeth, swollen joints that can impact the bite and can cause tooth loss. The solution to the above situation is the technique of grafting gums to recreate the gums as normal. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Causes of gum loss

The gums are pink soft tissues and it is very sensitive, very vulnerable. Causes of gingival recession and tooth exposures is due to the oral hygiene during the day, the operation of brushing our teeth too strong or improper way that causes the gums to fall down. Or the innate cause of the lack of skin cells around the root.

Gum grafting techniques are conducted like?

The I-DENT dental gynecologic technique is fast and safe with the help of modern dentistry equipment directly managed by qualified specialists.

The surgeon carries out skin grafting from the inside of the oral cavity and replenishes the affected gums, restoring normal gums. The gingival part will cover the root of the tooth, preventing the invasive bacteria from damaging the teeth, as well as improving the aesthetics.

Gingival transplant surgery is just a small and simple surgery, after about 7 to 10 days will be performed only cutting, and after about 4 weeks the gingival graft will connect with the surrounding tissue and very like the gums normally.

If the porcelain crown cover due to the cause of tooth decay, the treatment of tooth decay is not left out inflammation or dental hygiene is not guaranteed that bacteria have the opportunity to grow painful, even May cause tooth decay if not treated promptly. vietnam dentist prices
Here are some possible causes, but you should note that after porcelain crowns that show signs of discomfort or any other problems, should quickly visit the dental clinic to know the most accurate cause.

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